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Croatia Yacht management

Have you ever dreamed of having a yacht of your own? We believe that you have, at least once in your life. Make your dreams come true......with our Easy Yacht programme finaly become the owner of your own private boat.

Easy Yacht programme provides you the possibility to become the boat owner in a fast and simple way with minimal investment and to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the boat ownership without taking care of the boat maintenance. All the side problems as boat registration, acquisition of additional equipment, transport, boat launch - feel free to give them over to us.
Regardless if monohull, catamaran or a motor boat is focus of your interest - Easy yacht is the shortest way to make one of desired vessels your own private boat.

Some advantages of Easy Yacht programme are:

  • minimal investment or participation in boat acquisition
  • high charter income based on minimum of 20 weeks per season (monohulls and catamarans)
  • professional and competent boat maintenance

What is Easy Yacht programme?

Easy Yacht is a name of our charter management programme or, to make it easier to understand, compoud for Our Care of Your Boat. Programme is designed in order to help you in creating the easiest way to find your own boat and to finance the purchase and boat maintenance out of chater income. If you would like to own your private yacht but you cannot finance it, maintain it or do not have enough available time to use it, the Easy yacht Programme is the best choice for you. Join our Easy Yacht Program and carelessly enjoy in your dreams coming true.

How to finance the purchase?

Purchase of the boat can be financed in different ways: credit or leasing. Still, the most suitable and common way of boat purchase is leasing. The purchase is financed with minimal participation in amount of 25% of the purchase price while the rest is paid in monthly or quarterly anuities. We will provide the most convenient sources of funding through our cooperation with leasing companies known for their lasting proffesional experience in vessel financing or you can take care of boat purchase in your own arrangement.

How to share charter income?

Charter income is shared in proportion 65%-35% on the benefit of the boat owner.

Out of 65% of the charter income the owner finances:

  • annual berth
  • all-risk boat insurance (casco)
  • boat maintenance
  • leasing or loan anuities

Out of 35% of the charter income the agency finances:

  • agency commission for sub-agents
  • marketing and promotion for the boat
  • coordination and reception of the charter guests

In another words, we are paid for booking of the boat either directly or in cooperation with partner agencies and care for charter guests. The remaining income goes to the boat owner.

See more details about income and expences for the following boats:

Selection of the boat

Regardless whether it is a monohull, catamaran or some particular boat model, the final decision is yours. However, in order to make your purchase more favourable we will recommend the most profitable boat models according to our professional experience. Moreover, with detailed calculation of cost and income we will present the cost-effectivness of particular boat models in order to hep you to find the most suitable boat that will match your needs. In case you already have your own boat you still can join our prgramme. Feel free to contact us and earn additional money on your vessel.

Boat registration

You can buy a boat as a legal or natural person. Still, only the legal person has the right to claim VAT (in Croatian PDV) reimbursment what significantly affects the final price of the boat. However, the boat has to be registrated in Croatia meaning that it has to have Croatian flag. The process of founding a company in Croatia is rather simple and it costs cca. 25.000 HRK (3.500 EUR).

Boat Maintenance

Sometimes the built year of the boat is not that important – no matter if the boat is old or new, properly maintained boat is the only way to satisfide charter guest and in the same time the key for succesful business process . Consequently, our professionaly educeted staff controls constantly the condition of the boat and equipment. With regular services we act in advance in order to prevent any bigger malfunctions and to provide the safe and high quality vacation. With continuous supervision and maintenance we ensure the longevity of your boat and equipment as well as higher market price. You as an owner, have permanent insight in processes and costs of maintenence – the boats that we have in our bases are the evidence of the quality of service that we offer.

Owners week

The owner of the boat has the right to use the boat 3 weeks during the season or tu use so called „owners weeks”. The owners weeks can be allocated in a way that the owner can use one week during the July or August and the rest of the weeks in another months. The owner can use the boats in all the weeks when the boat is not booked for charter guest. When using the owners week the owner is supposed to cover only the costs of boat preparation and local taxes without paying the charter fee. Just call and book the vacation on the boat – we will take care of everything else.

In what condition is the boat after the program?

In a very good and technically functional condition. Of course, the consequence of chartering is enlarged waste and wear of the boat what, with minimal investment and reconstruction, can be taken care of. In any case, the most of the charter boats are in better condition than private boats regarding the fact that they are constantly supervised and regularly maintained by professionals in the charter company.


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